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1968 Datsun 2000  *** SOLD ***
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This is a California car in running condition.  Car comes equipped as follows:

Datsun 2.0 Liter U20 Motor, Numbers Matching Roadster.

Title: is Clear

Compression test on Motor results: 
      Cylinder 1   150 PSI
      Cylinder 2   150 PSI
      Cylinder 3   148 psi
      Cylinder 4   150 psi

Recent work done on car:

Oil Change, New Cap, Rotor, Points, Ignition wires, and Spark Plugs. 09/2011

Carbs completely disassembled and rebuilt, Carbs were then  tumbled and cleaned of old residue.  Pistons from carb dome were drop matched and polished.   New Needles installed both adjusted per factory  specifications.  New carb chamber  seats. Carb Nozzles were centered to each needle mechanism is free and does not bind. New Idle screw springs and cheese head screws. New insulator block gaskets, New float bowl gasket installed.  New throttle return spring, Airflow is even, checked with Uni Sync gauge.  Float levels adjusted.  Choke  New hardware used on Carbs when they were rebuilt. 09/2011

New gaskets on carb bodies to intake. 09/2011

Intake manifold cleaned and tumbled . 09/2011

New intake manifold gasket   09/2011

New hardware installed to intake manifold. 09/2011

New Gear reduction starter installed 09/2011

New Radiator Hoses upper and lower 09/2011

New fuel Line in engine compartment 09/2011

Powdercoated Fan Shroud 09/2011

Brake system was checked and is in operating condition

New hardware installed to driveline and rear axle, Grade 8.

Missing items that were placed to vehicle:

Hubcaps were missing and I added 4 stock hub caps to car.

The Car was missing the Fan shroud and this was installed.

Missing Ash tray was placed to vehicle

Misiing horn button, placed original horn button to car.

This car has the following extras:

Nissan Competition springs, These are the OEM Nissan Comp springs not aftermarket.

Rear Springs have been modified to lower vehicle in rear.

Car has a Roll Bar. 

Electrical is in goow dorking order, All items are in working condition